Business Analysis

Empowers Business team to best use of Data to focus on growth & operational Efficiency, rather just running the Show. Groomes up with five leading tools BA/BI/BO/B2B/CRM.

How & Why BA

Analysing Your Company's Financial and all customer data enables You to monitor day to day activities and business process more effectively.

Business Intelligence(BI)

Only Operational inquiries and reports are typically time consuming and redundant process for msot business users. Gensoft BO provides one click solutions for the most of the multi-stroke and multi screen processes.

How & Why BO

By giving all Business users an easy actively required screens and report improves productivity. Also allows secured access on offsite/mobile users.

Business 2 Business(B2B)

In typical B2B processing, most business are forced to share information through direct person inquiry. This leads to lack of visibility, lack of real time information and limited operation time for both the parties. gensoft B2B solution frees up the resources as well provides customers anytime/ anywhere access to customer/supplier users..

How & Why B2B

web based portal provides 24/7 access to information for authorized users for activities between the company and customer or the comapny and vendor. Users will have access to their Sales, Purchaes, inventory and Shipping Information.

Customer Relationship Management(CRM)

A tool that organize, automate and synchronize marketting, Sales, Accounting and Customer Support.

How & Why CRM

Web Based Portal enables each divisions to document any pertinent that is share between them. This Collective data will enhance customer experience and satisfaction by assuring accuracy and real time visibility.