The Challenges Most Companies face in Distribution Environments.

  • Infrastructure Bin ,Warehouse, Supplier Details
  • Supplier Contract information
  • Scan Data- Scan In, Scan out and Purchase order Information
  • BIn Inventory and Usage

The Solution

Designed and Configured for small to medium size Business, Gensoft's State of art, Cloud based 3PL/ Warehouse Managment Software directly address all of the challenges it meets daily. With gensoft's 3PL, Customers can access information anywhere/anytime.

Gensoft's 3PL uses the latest web tools and communication methods and user friendly interface.

This utility based (Pay as You use) model helps to realize greater return in investment through improved cash flow.


  • Improves Customer Satisfaction through order and delivery Status Monitoring.
  • Significantly increase Cash Flow.
  • Reduce IT maintain Costs
  • Real time Access to important Business Information.
  • Eliminate manual Entry and Unnecessary Errors.
  • Minimal Investment with Quick ROI
  • Staff Friendly techmology, Freeing them to other and more important tasks
  • Stability, Credibility and market Competitiveness.


Web Access for Customers

Enable Customers to view their Orders, delivery and payments history as well as monitor order and delivery status, increadsing customer Satisfaction and loyalty.

Configuration Billing / Cycle Billing

Allow users to specify invoice types and bill for services accurately. Enables billing cycle set up and automation which increases business cash Flow.

Dramatically Reduce IT Costs

EPW's web based Cloud System requires no initial investments like Server or Software Costs thus Start up is immediate and no maintenance expense.

Email Notification

Enable Customers to get real time work Status updates thus reducing administrative Costs and maximize the efficeincy of employees

Real Time Visibility For EveryOne

provides a business analysis view into Service Performance through real time reports and inquiry. Real time Visibility for everyone.

Pre-Receiving Functionality

Reduces manual Entry and prevents unnecessary Errors. Increases Accuracy and efficiency.