Analysis / Metrcis / KPI's

Empowers Business team to best use of Data to focus on growth & operational Efficiency, rather just running the Show. Groomes up with five leading tools BA/BI/BO/B2B/CRM.     More


BIN Stocking / VMI / Supply Chain Management

Just-In-Time inventory control, operational effeciency and cost supplier management.    More

WareHouse Management System (Cloud)

3PL / RF / B2C Portal

GenSoft's Enterprise Warehousing Process (EWP) effeciently using the best practices and technologies to acheive WORLD CLASS Warehousing Logistics and Third Party Logistics. 3PL/WMS/RF/B2C Portal.   More

IT- TotalCare

End to End IT Solution

GenSoft's combined InfoTech experience of more than 100 years in the state-of-the-art technology and support, helps businesses to achive the high availability of the system to do business and high productivity.    More