Our Services

Total Solution ( All IT Services.)

GENSOFT CORP. utilizes the latest technology in electronic communication to assist users in transferring critical business documents directly from computer-to-computer through a structured electronic, paperless connection.

Turnkey Solutions. ( H/w, S/w, N/w)

Through the use of custom bar-code labels, GENSOFT CORP. can reduce the time necessary to monitor and control inventory from stock to the production floor.

Consulting Services.

GENSOFT CORP.'S experts will assist you in setting up a custom based label system, or pre-kitted inventory, to reduce the handling necessary to control production inventory.

System Integration.

GENSOFT CORP.'S RIM PROGRAM utilizes the latest technology in inventory management by taking over the responsibility of maintaining inventory at the proper level to support production schedules.

Internet Services.

GENSOFT CORP. experts will setup a WEB-SITE and well Data Based E-Commerce web Services for increaded web presence and Customer access.

Imaging Services.

GENSOFT'S CORP's green movement has expert knowledge in making the business paper-less, and more efficient information retrieval, using very safe and scalable image processing solutions, adhere to industry and accounting standards.