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Key Features

  • Gensoft3PL – Std - Core Product with IB, OB, IV, VAS, Billing
  • Gensoft3PL – Pro - EDI (IB & OB), In-Line SCAN (POR, POD), B2B (Activity Status & Visibility)
  • Gensoft3PL – B2B - B2B 24/7 Customer Access & Visibility (Activity Status & Visibility)
  • Gensoft3PL – EDI - Web Orders Import, BIN-Rapid Pick & Pack, Ship, and Billing data upload
  • Gensoft3PL – ECom - Web Orders Import, BIN-Rapid Pick & Pack, Ship, and Billing data upload
  • Gensoft3PL – Mob - Stock Handling, Put-Away, Cycle-Count using mobile devices

Your warehouse may be facing the following challenges

  • IN /OUT process on Time & Accurate.
  • Billing on Time and Cash Flow.
  • Providing Customers 3pl-Portal Access with
    • - 24/7 - online Data access – IN / OUT operations and Stock Visibility
    • - 24/7 - online Document Access - Proof of Delivery and Proof of Receiving
  • Customer Satisfaction and long term retention

We Can Help

Gensoft has recognized these problems and has created an affordable solution that can offer the technology and structure that you require. Designed and configured for small to medium sized businesses, Gensoft's 3rd Party Warehouse Management Software (3pl-Portal) directly addresses all of the challenges it meets daily. Customers can access information anywhere/anytime by using the latest web tools and communication methods in a user-friendly interface.

Warehousing process on Time & Accurately

3PL “Operations” generates revenue in 4 ways as follows:

  • Storage space -inventory (by square-foot by loc space, ctn, cubic ft of mat.)
  • Receiving- (goods) – inbound – in-out(combined w/out)
  • Shipped- (goods) – out-bound in-out (combined w/inbound)
  • VAS- (value-added services) – repack goods

EComm Order Handling ability

Billing on Time

  • In-OUT, VAS Regular Service Billing
  • Storage Monthly Billing

Billing (of all four services), Along with work confirmation,

  • Easy for Customer to verify the Bill and confirmation doc
  • Fast payment and No DELAY or MISSING or DISPUTES

Providing Add-on Services like EDI, EComm fulfilment and B2B Access

  • POD / Receiving Docs Online Access – Distributor Could View, And Reduces the CSR Time
  • EDI / EComm Fulfilment – Distributor Send Data File, No Entry, No Error and Time Saving
  • B2B – Customers Full View – Distributor View all actions and Status, And Reduces the CSR Time

THREE Main Issues:

  • They want 24/7-online “Operational” VISIBILITY, (see below). They want to see their active order status “Live-In Real Time.” There are four areas of focus.
  • They also need “Proof of Delivery” VISIBILITY, especially in case their client is looking for the shipment. If The Seller (3PL) can-not provide these things they will “LOSE” the business from The Buyer (Dist.) of 3PL Services. Gensoft’ 3PL Portal will help the Seller (3Pl) “SAVE” the business and not lose it from The Buyer.
  • EComm-Order shipping and tracking info


Cloud(WEB) based – Quick into Production – 3pl Management, 3pl Operations and Customer Access, with Two Controls

  • Dashboard - Birds Eye Management View - Overall Operations and BILLING
  • Control Panels – for Inbound, Outbound, VAS, Stock and Billing

Three Views

  • 3pl Management View
  • 3pl Operational View
  • 3pl – Customers View (Secured Online Access to Customers for Data and Pod Docs)

Four Operations

  • Inbound and In-Out Bill Process
  • Outbound and VAS (Value Added Services) Process
  • Inventory Process
  • Billing and Cash Flow

It is imperative that every company has the means to increase their cash flow whenever possible. Gensoft’ s 3rd Party Solution gives you the flexibility to bill and send invoice(s) to your customers for IN/OUT and VAS along with reporting immediately after each event or with consolidating functionality.

EDI / EComm - Capture all Inbound with extreme accuracy.

Auto Email / Daily Flash - Customer Order Acknowledgement and Order Completion


  • Improve customer satisfaction through order and delivery status monitoring
  • Significantly increases Cash Flow
  • Real-Time access to important business information
  • Minimal Investment with quick ROI
  • Stability, Credibility and Market Competitiveness

Cost Effective:

  • 15 Days – Free Trial with your Real Data
  • On Complete Satisfaction – Easy Option to Continue with No Contract
  • Monthly Pay by Use - No Capitol Investment of Software / Server

Note: Upon meeting, requirement analysis and review, Gensoft will provide a detailed Cost & Delivery schedule.