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Key Features

Gensoft BizPORTAL is an engine for Business Growth, Operational Efficiency, and Strategic planning, while addressing Business Concerns and Pain Points

BizPORTAL – This Awarding Winning software sitting above your ERP Systems, and will facilitate to have better visibility to improve your Financials and Customer Relations.

Brings your company into new perspective

Executives Dashboard

Daily Flash – Reports in Email

  • BI - Offers quick intelligent response to customer calls and needs.
  • BO - Reduces man hours and increase productivity
  • B2B - Creates an informational link between company and customers.
  • CRM - Increase overall customer satisfaction

Business Impact

Executives Dashboard

Major KPI - Key Performance Indicators & Metrics

Control & Visibility – Anywhere / Anytime

  • Sales Financial & Open Orders TAB – Sales Analysis by M2M & Y2Y
  • MR, eMR, YR, eYR
  • Sales & Inventory Analysis TAB – M2M, Y2Y, MR, eMR, YR, eYR
  • Sales & Style In-Transit Analysis TAB
  • BA, BI (Inside Sales/Acct) and CRM (Outside Sales / Travelling Execs)

Production, Imports and Sales Process - Pain Point Solutions

PO Imports / Booking, Shipping Control & Visibility

  • Booking end-to-end (Purchase-Factory-Forwarder-Imports-Customs-

PO Production Control & Visibility

  • PO Quote, Style Creation, Style Image Catalog
  • - Show Room & Virtual Show Room

Prod Development and Marketing

  • PO Quote, Style Image Catalog, Show Room & Virtual Show Room

Style Images & Catalog

Scan Docs - Proof of Receiving Doc & Delivery Doc

  • Proof of Delivery Scan, Proof of Whse receiving scan

Charge-Back Control & Visibility

Daily Flash – Reports in Email

  • Management Sales Analysis, MOM, MTD, YOY and YTD reports
  • Production Team – PO Past Due with No Booking and with Booking Reports
    • Open PO List
  • Sales Team – Sales, Pick and Ship Reports
  • Sales Team – Open to Sell and Over Sold Reports

Control & Visibility

Business Analysis (BA)

BA is a tool that allows you to analyze core business activities and enables you to plan a proper course of action for business improvement.
  • Analyzing your company's financials and all customer data enables you to monitor day-to-day activities and business processes more effectively.
  • This will also help you to develop your long term strategic planning, policies and organizational structure.

Business Intelligence (BI)

BI is a tool to transform raw data into information that can be used more effectively for strategic, tactical decision making in the quickest possible way.
  • By giving the sales team a snapshot of customer information, your sales team can intelligently address all customer inquiries in person or by phone in real-time.

Business Operations (BO)

BO is defined as the Day to Day Business operations of any given company. Typically the operational inquires and reports are time consuming and operationally redundant and access is limited to local networks.
  • Giving all business users easy access to the required screens and reports will improve productivity. It also allows secured access to offsite / mobile users.
  • Gensoft BO solution provides One Click solutions for most of the multi-stroke and multi-screen processes.

Business to Business (B2B)

B2B relationships rely on information to be shared between the business with its customers and suppliers. Information is typically shared between business partners through personal contact and paper processing methods. This will lead to lack of visibility, lack of real-time information and limited operational time for all parties.
  • Web based Portal provides 24/7 access to information for activities between the company and customer or the company and vendor.
  • Users will have access to their sales, purchases, inventory and shipping information.
  • Gensoft B2B solution frees up resources as well as providing anywhere/anytime information access to authorized Customer/Supplier Users.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

CRM is a tool designed to improve customer relationships in a coordinated approach by sharing information between Marketing, Sales, Accounting and Customer Support
  • Web based Portal enables each division to document any pertinent information that been shared between them.
  • This collective data will enhance the customer experience and satisfaction by assuring accuracy and real time visibility

Order Life Cycle

Shipment Control & Visibility

  • Control of high Volume Customer PO with Multiple Products – leads to missing cancel dates
  • Control of Pick, Pack and Ship of high volume orders with multiple products – leads to missing cancel dates
  • lack of managing Past, Current and future Customer PO Due / Cancel dates – missing Customer PO

BizPortal Solution

  • Past due Open Order Reports - Daily Flash & on Demand
  • Current Week Due Open orders – Daily Flash & on Demand
  • Future Open Orders report – Daily Flash & on Demand

Customer PO POD

The issue involves

  • Customer Inquiry for Shipment tracking info – take long time to find & missing POD
  • Customer penalties for wrong shipment – delay in collecting POD. Missing information Control of high Volume Customer PO with Multiple Products – leads to missing cancel dates Control of Pick, Pack and Ship of high volume orders with multiple products – leads to missing cancel dates And the BizPortal Solution
  • Lack of access to shipment info and Pod docs – loss of customer confidence
  • Delay / Not disputing penalties - Information disconnect between Sales, Material, Warehouse and Billing - loss of profit

Warehouse PO Receiving & Payment Processing (SCAN–DOCS System) The issue involves

  • Accounting Inquiry on Receive confirmation info – Payment Errors – causing overpayments
  • Factory payment inquiry / proof – Delay in payment, Missing information And the BizPortal Solution
  • Lack of access to shipment info and POR docs – loss of customer confidence
  • Delayed payment and Factory delivery delays - Information disconnect between Purchase, Material, Warehouse and Billing - loss of profit